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About US

VCS (Veterans for Community Services), a 501(c3) not for profit  organization, is committed to helping veterans make a smooth transition  from active duty to civilian life as well as assisting veterans that  experience social,
physical and economical challenges. We assist  military personnel, veterans and families dealing with issues that  include social readjustment, finding housing and employment, applying  for disability compensation, access to substance abuse and mental health  treatment, medical services and family intervention .Your donation will  immediately assist a veteran in making this crucial readjustment that  is needed to reestablish a normal life. All donations are tax  deductible.


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Hire a Veteran

Our  veterans are in need of employment. Please consider posting your job  notices to our site. We will contact veterans that match your company's  need and put them in contact with you.
Thank you for putting our veterans back to work.

Company Contact Information

Please  email your company information and job description to  vcs_atl@yahoo.com.  We will screen applicants to meet your requirements.
How can we assist?

Specific services provided by Veterans For Community Services:
  • Referrals to employment workshops and job readiness training
  • Workshops facilitated by other social service providers and community-based organizations
  • Referrals  to substance abuse programs (outpatient and impatient services), legal  services, vocational programs, clothing distribution centers
  • Referrals to support groups for PTSD and stress management
  • VA claims for compensation, pensions and other benefits refferals.
  • Hospital visits and other outreach activities
  • Airport Troop Arrival Welcoming

Isolation can bring on depression and loneliness during this period of Covid-19. You can support veterans and others in need via zoom, face time or many other video chat methods.  Also a simple phone call will brighten up someons's day.  Please stay in touch with family members and friends.
Serving All Veterans
Veterans For community Services
Phone: (404) 834-0394

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